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Thanks to the use of GRAPHIC ENGINES born to give high performance required by video games, we allow the user to navigate in highly interactive scenes exploiting the power of our GPU PLATFORM called Euridix. Through it you will have the possibility to instantly view your 3D scene in real time, without the need for long waiting times for rendering processing. This instant view is based on Euridix, your new GPU platform!

No, you don’t. Thanks to cloud management, you can use our GPU platform from any device connected to the internet, without having to download anything.

Euridix technologies and standards are ready to exceed the fourth generation. Thanks to our GPU server, we are therefore able to guarantee the use of the advanced multimedia interactive applications by means of a high bandwidth connectivity.

The Euridix ” GRAPHIC ENGINES” are graphic-interactive scene development environments that work on iOS, Android, Windows, MAC, Unix and other platforms, and viewable on the same, including SMART TVs.

If you need to develop interactive scenes from scratch to be uploaded to the server, we can fully implement your project (project data acquisition, 3D modelling, texturing, light MAP and interactive scene compilation) or assist you in one or each of the abovementioned phases. We can quote the required design service through a specific request and then you can choose the Euridix package that best suits your needs! Visit the pricing section and choose the best solution to allow you, your team or your customers to navigate within the scenes created by our professionals. Euridix is the GPU platform you need to process the scene thanks to a high bandwidth for desktop and mobile navigation. Our service is also multi-platform.

Let your customers see your products in the virtual showroom with an engaging experience like the one our technology offers. In relation to the package that you decide to purchase, you will be able to take advantage of 1/10/50 simultaneous accesses with no time limits for the visualizations and without any extra cost.

The intellectual property of the 3D models is 100% protected since resource loading is performed on the server and only the rendering video is transmitted.

No, you don’t. No Plugin is required; therefore, you can instantly view your 3D scene directly from your browser. 3D visualization is calculated within the cloud and streamed as images or live videos directly to the browser in a simple and fast way.

Changes to products and materials that are present in the scene are immediately synchronized with the cloud server, updating the display instantly.

Thanks to our server, you will have the opportunity to offer your customers the opportunity to live an extremely immersive experience that stands out for its photorealistic quality and fast loading times. It is therefore the best solution for web-based product configurators.

Yes, it is. Thanks to the power of our GPU server, it is possible to process complex scenes like this one

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