It is with immense pride and extreme pleasure that we announce the EURIDIX.COM platform


EURIDIX.COM is a CLOUD platform that helps you transform your static renderings into an immersive interactive experience based on the internet. It is thus possible to present, analyse, design and allow buyers to virtually experience the project before its actual realization. Customers can explore the environment at 360 ° and interactively navigate through spaces and environments. You can analyse the possible variations in layout, materials, finishes and furniture, including full customization of details and features.

EURIDIX.COM is an exceptionally innovative experience, in real time, which goes very much BEYOND the realization of static renderings.

With EURIDIX.COM you can put online your interactive models, which can be consulted from any platform (Windows, Unix, Mac, Android, IOS, etc) and on any device (PC, Mobile, Tablet and even smart TV), simply using any internet connection that has a speed comparable to that required to view a YouTube video.

With EURIDIX.COM there’s no need to download any Plug-in, nor file, nor APP. Your scene, even the most complex one, can be consulted directly from any Internet browser.

With EURIDIX.COM you transform your website into an interactive, highly innovative, extremely engaging dynamic experience.

With EURIDIX.COM it is possible to transform your E-commerce into a 3D experience, even an immersive one (thanks to 3D glasses).

It can be perfectly applied to the fields of architecture, kinematic machines, systems, furnishings, boating and many other sectors, and will take place directly on the internet at a cost that will amaze you.

Moreover, if you have no idea how to transform a static scene into an immersive project, we will help you with the EURIDIX Academy. To take advantage of training courses, videos, YouTube channel, online support, and consultancy simply sign up for free until the 31/12/2019.

We can also assist your technical, marketing and production departments in developing your skills in the dynamic interactive graphics sector. In this way, you will be able to make your projects regarding marketing, maintenance, manuals, training and many other applications more appealing and engaging. There is no limit to your imagination.

View the demo on the EURIDIX.COM website and enter the world of Euridix interactive graphics.

Thank you for your attention.

Antonio Ammirabile

Marketing Manager EURIDIX.COM

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