Enhance your users’ experience with modern GPU platform server technologies

The immersive virtual technology is a service that can be shared as a link, inserted in dedicated search portals or incorporated into one’s own website. The best thing is that this technology does not requires a dedicated or expensive hardware component for the users to be downloaded.

It allows users to immediately experience the desired object or space that very often is difficult to imagine. With the advent of these new technologies of virtual and augmented reality, we are increasingly confronted with innovative views that are expressly designed to amaze the user or potential customer who approaches the proposed product for the first time. Especially in some fields, the demand from potential customers to be able to have an extremely realistic contact with what they are about to buy is always greater. One of the main sectors is real estate. How great would it be to allow potential buyers of a building to navigate within their future home, overcoming the limited static photorealistic images (a.k.a. renders)? How cool would it be to allow them to personalize their own spaces even before having seen them in real life?

All these questions today have an answer, and it’s the one proposed by the Euridix group.

Finally, for the real estate sector as for many other sectors, it comes the possibility of comparing reality and imagination in one unique browsing experience that guarantees, an immersive 360-degrees experience that won’t let you down!

Thanks to powerful calculation engines, these GPU platform servers will be able to reproduce navigable and optimized interactive scenes. It’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. In this seemingly distant and complex scenario, virtual reality is becoming a real sales engine. The VR tours of the apartments allow you to considerably reduce sales times and even halve them.

Buyers, who find a Virtual Tour of the property they are interested in, linger longer on the announcement and show more confidence towards the agency that proposed it. And that’s not all! The immersive experience can help salespeople too: in this way they will now be able to easily involve the displaced buyers with respect to the real location of the property, thus promoting the sale even in areas other than those of the estate’s immediate proximity. This stands as an unmissable opportunity to reach international investors that are located far from the market where you need to sell! All this becomes more and more real thanks to Euridix’s GPU server technology!

Feeling curious? Find out a new way of selling!

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