Augmented reality: find out how to decorate your home using this innovative technology

Choosing to buy a new apartment since its planning stage has its pros and cons. Very often, many of us is encouraged to buy a so-called “on paper” apartment in order to be able to actively participate in all the construction phases starting from the idea, to division of the spaces and finally to the choice of the furniture.

How fun would it be to give full rein to one’s imagination by imagining making one’s dream house?

How stimulating would it be to have the possibility to exploit every single space of the square footage available to make your home the ideal place to live?

These questions are amply answered in the exciting and intriguing experience of buying a house while having fun imagining it in detail. Although all this can be beautiful and captivating, very often we tend to give ample space to imagination, neglecting the limits that reality presents us.


To overcome this limit and fully enjoy the design and furnishing of your home by giving free rein to personal creativity, Augmented Reality for Interior Design is born.

AR for interior design conception exploits the technological development of virtual reality to compose and furnish any living space in a smart and proper way, according to the available spaces.

Let’s see together what the new frontiers of AR for interior design are and discover how the new GPU server technologies can help furniture retailers and more!

Augmented Reality For Interior Design: A new frontier

Augmented reality is particularly suitable to be implemented for Interior design’s sector; this is due to the current gap between the 3D renders of the objects and furniture elements that we want to buy and the need to have a clear idea of how they will actually fit within the space available.

To overcome this perplexity related to the grandeur of a container or the importance of a breakfast counter, AR for interior design conception is born, which allows the potential customer to make strategic conception choices while optimizing their economic and space resources. In addition to being an advantage for the customer, the use of augmented reality conception also benefits interior designers, who will in this way have the opportunity to reproduce custom-made furniture for any customer.

An example of Italian efficiency is the Trackdesign company, which has evolved to adapt to the latest furnishing needs. On their online shop it is therefore available an Augmented Reality application for Interior Design that exploits Euridix’s high-performance GPU Platform server. Thanks to this technology, the TrackDesign company can now create interactive scenes that give the possibility to the customers to see a product within a provided space from any device. Additionally, this technology doesn’t require other connection sources besides the Internet connection.

Trackdesign has created an online catalogue that can be easily consulted, in this way facilitating the conception of any space. In doing so, each product is widely detailed and navigable by means of dedicated scenes.

The real revolution lies in the fact that every piece of furniture chosen can be placed virtually in a precise room made to measure by the user.

In other words, the application for AR for interior design conception offers you the possibility of:

  • choosing the 3d furnishing element;
  • placing the product in the room;
  • changing texture, colour and material or combine it with other objects in the catalogue.

Augmented Reality for Interior Design is the new era of interior design in which creativity is supported and developed by technology. The home of the future will be designed by those who will be able to seize these opportunities and the furniture will be just a click away.

Find out how to connect to important interactive scenes, overcoming the limitations imposed by poor connections or under-performing hardware tools. Thanks to the Euridix GPU platform server, it will be possible to browse interactive scenes from any device anywhere!

Have fun with Euridix!
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