Discover the set of techniques and technologies applied to real time rendering, what it is and what the advantages are

Its own name clearly express what real time rendering is about: a set of images or frames that is rendered with a speed that does not allow the user to perceive the continuous flow of static images.

Making choices easier and faster is one of the most important challenges that  are facing.

Thanks to the sophisticated technologies made available, it is possible to go beyond the simple image that represents a product, a project or a set of organized data. Today you can go further and look at a product and have the perception of being able to touch it or even to immerse yourself in a project to get an idea of ​​every single aspect before its actual realization. All the technologies offered by real-time rendering applications allow the user to live purchasing experiences like never before. Given the ease that derives, it brings us to a level of decision-making autonomy that drastically shortens the timing of purchase.

Real time designing and rendering

It’s well known that real-time rendering technology has reached any level of product and / or service offered, this is true with the aim of making immersive experiences unique for any user or customer. Even the world of architectural rendering, which is based on images and videos, has now reached full maturity and it’s ready to open up to new goals.

On the one hand, an average visual quality is now accessible for almost anyone, even if it is now losing those novelty features that made it satisfying from a commercial point of view. On the other hand, the market is not willing to take on the costs of processing higher quality to obtain results that are perceived at best as random.

As for videos, they never really managed to take off as a presentation or sales tool, given the prohibitive costs.

So here we are in front of the conditions for a radical change that consists in the choice of appropriate technologies to properly convey the graphic productions through appropriate GPU platform servers that have the characteristic of making any scene navigable from any device available to the user.

The different PCs, tablets and even smartphones have the possibility to develop and present projects in real time using expressly prepared servers just like the one proposed by Euridix.

The advantage that derives from the use of GPU platform servers for realtime rendering, is the possibility of providing customers, with an explorable and modifiable model in real time, visible in all possible light conditions, with vegetation and credible atmospheric elements, instead of static images.

In a market where traditional advertising is disappearing and where the importance of web marketing and social media grows exponentially, this opportunity represents a fundamental resource which we believe is useful if you need to create engaging, and potentially viral content.

In fact, it is possible to produce an environment that can be explored by the customer on practically any type of device, from the smartphone to the tablet, up to the high-performance PC at the same cost as a traditional high-level rendering, having the possibility to share it on your website or on social platforms.

The Euridix GPU server, not only removes long waits for a final output, but also provides a way for operators to consider types of views that were previously not feasible: meetings with stakeholders where they can edit projects on the fly, virtual reality tours, and various types of interactive presentations.

Entering the real time rendering revolution certainly requires some time and effort; but in the end you will be rewarded by the possibility of offering a wider range of displays and presentations to customers in short time.

With all the possibilities offered right now, it’s a great time to start!

Discover our platform and have fun with Euridix!

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