Watching interactive scenes even with a standard pc: discover euridix!

Since the end of 2019, the new real time visualization service has been activated: Euridix. It stands as a real revolution for users who need to navigate interactive scenes from any device connected to an Internet browser. Thanks to this new online platform, it is possible to view high-performance real time rendering (RTR) even if you are using a standard laptop PC.

In this article we see in detail how this service works, how much it costs and what concrete advantages you can get.

Euridix: how it works

The only hardware you need is a standard PC, tablet, notebook or smartphone, and any Internet browser. You can view scenes of any size having the possibility to interact with the virtual environment you are browsing with a connection equal to that necessary for a Youtube video.

Materials, shapes and finishes, everything that requires the configuration of your product or space, just a click away!

Euridix GPU Server allows your PC to display dynamic renders. Anyone can instantly connect to the virtual space and, depending on the package provided by the reference user, it is also possible to have multiple connections.

From the moment you decide to use our GPU server platform, your project is sent to the Euridix server and after a few seconds you access the fully navigable interactive space. Any objects / products will finally be displayed within a setting. The loading time of the scene is practically instantaneous thanks to the powerful calculation engines available on our Euridix Server GPU platform.

Our system is perfect for companies that want to create interactive scenes for the visualization of their product (Real Estate, Furniture, cinematic machines, Boating etc.), CGI Freelance Artist, Design studios, Marketing agencies, E-commerce, who will have the opportunity to access professional RTR Ray tracing services.

Choose our GPU platform and evaluate which of the packages is the one for you! With Euridix you have the possibility to choose the price range that best meets your usage needs! Look up our dedicated page to find out service pricing and discover the fantastic world of interactive experience! For further information about our service, get in touch using the dedicated form.


Have fun with Euridix!

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