Real estate sector: why choose Euridix GPU server?

With the advent of new technologies, we are increasingly involved in virtual contexts that put the user at the centre of innovation. The real estate sector is well aware of this and is currently only at the beginning of a major renewal process linked to new technologies, such as: drones, 360 ° video footage, augmented reality, virtual reality. High resolution, new ways of communicating and selling is the new horizon in which real estate sector is the protagonist. The latter sees augmented reality as a real turning point. This stands as a favourable approach to the customer who today, thanks to sophisticated GPU server technologies and more, manages to “live” a space or an environment before its realisation.

The real estate virtual tour: high-performance environments’ navigability

Surely it happened to you to browse some websites where the company’s operational headquarters is presented through a virtual tour. In that case you can use the mouse or more simply the directional arrows to navigate within a specific virtual environment. All this has become a frequent trend, especially in the real estate sector. The technologies that enable these services are undoubtedly different and quite complex. One of all is the one concerning the cloud services connected to the virtual development of interactive scenes.

Our GPU server platform is perfect for this scope thanks to its computing power and the ability to read data very quickly so as to make any scene loadable in a few seconds from any device.

This concept of operability and navigability of the most sophisticated settings goes well with the latest needs of real estate agents and those who want to buy a property. Imagine for a moment that you are the owner of a real estate agency and you need to present a property that is out of reach or has not yet been built to a potential buyer. To make the user appreciate the alternative solutions and/or to choose finishes and materials, in addition to a faithful reproduction of the settings developed with the most suitable tools, you will need a cloud space thanks to which you can show this settings from any computer just sending a simple browser link. All of this is our Eurdix GPU server platform.

Thanks to state-of-the art digital technologies and a software designed for the purpose, today it is possible to navigate environments and above all to customize objects, carefully observing even the details.

Euridix lets your customer access to your advanced Virtual Tour, through any browser via laptop, tablet or smart phone, within a website or a reference portal that advertises the property itself.

The value of choosing Euridix servers is given by our infrastructure, our platform and our business services. It’s your direct access to a flexible and highly performing server.

The GPU server platform, thanks to the implementation of safe and smart solutions, allows you to solve complex modelling calculations quickly, managing to analyse massive amounts of input data.

Have fun with Euridix!

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