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The main difference between buying at a store and online is the fact that the customer cannot touch the product by hand or by the fact that the latter does not receive all the necessary information that are useful to complete the online purchasing process. In addition to expecting e-commerce to provide him/her with a perfect product sheet, today’s customer is constantly looking for new interactive shopping experiences and offers tailored to his/her needs. Those who surf the Net, like interactivity. It is also certified that interactivity, especially in an e-commerce site, increases the conversion rate in terms of clicks and purchases. The customer is increasingly involved in procurement processes as efficient as possible, especially with products that require a certain degree of customization or contextualization.

Consider, for example, the online furniture sale. The latter would take advantage from the possibility of virtually placing a product within a space or setting with the aim of being contextualized without leaving too much space for the imagination.

A new form of interactive e-commerce will surely take hold within the commercial landscape. Not only the product sheet or the configuration of the products in the catalogue, the customer wants more! An effective solution could be that of providing him/her with a personalised access to a website allow him/her to view rooms furnished on the basis of his needs from the comfort of his/her home and moreover using equipment such as: tablets, smartphones or laptops. All of this is Euridix, and it is possible thanks to the power of our software which exploits the high calculation capacity, giving the possibility to offer potential customers an interactive and 360° navigable e-commerce section.

This is not a simple virtual tour: with Euridix your e-commerce will have a completely innovative aspect! You will have the opportunity to change products within an environment or even change the materials of a kitchen or armchair and imagine it in the daily context that belongs to it.

It’s not just imagination! This tool offers the possibility to animate a static product sheet that has the mere function of informing the user about the main characteristics of a product.


It is essential to study and plan a customised, evocative and representative product catalogue for each business. What most companies need is a real interactive virtual showcase in dynamic form that can entice users to view, but above all to desire the products offered. The e-commerce of the future must be an inviting, irresistible showcase characterized by one of the elements that makes the real difference today: interactivity.

Discover the interactivity for e-commerce proposed by Euridix and have fun making your static images animated!

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